Is it Time to Start Loving the Most Hated Woman on Reality TV?

Is it time to start loving the the most hated woman on TV Kim Kardashian? (This is the topic of my upcoming interview that is still top secret. Let me know your thoughts)

Kim seems to keep adding to her long list of PR debacles and publicly hated brand building schemes. Whether it’s a sex tape, a phony made for TV marriage, her disingenuous revenue sharing with charities or her latest conceit about the Vogue magazine cover, it would seem Kim is really failing her fans.

I’ve been betting against Kim and her 15 minutes of fame for awhile. After all, Kim is no role model and her core competencies seem very unclear.

But now the Vogue cover seems to be the proverbial straw breaking the back of these beliefs.

It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself watching the Curling event at the Olympics. It was slow, it was unusual and I was very unclear about what even made Curling a sport. After all, these people aren’t exactly the epitome of physical health and athleticism. But by the end of the show I realized I was watching the best in the world. I realized that although I didn’t really respect the sport I could appreciate how hard it must have been to be the best in the world at anything let alone a Gold Medalist.

I think this is part of the transformation I feel for Kim’s world. It’s easy for the public to make fun of the reality stars that put their lives on display but it still really says something to be one of the best in a very competitive market like Reality TV.

There have been hundreds of Reality TV shows with some of them exceeding 20 seasons! These shows and seasons have offered up thousands of personalities and talents in the world yet few have done more with less then Kim.

After all, other than Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood who has made more from Reality TV?

You might point to Kim’s looks as the key to her success but there have been plenty of beautiful women on TV that haven’t had anywhere near the success Kim has.

You might say it’s because Kim comes from money but Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie both came from money. Neither came anywhere near the success Kim has had.

I ask you again, who has done more with less? Who has extended their 15 minutes of fame further with fewer talents?

Kim might be around longer than we thought. The fascinating and intriguing Kim Kardashian seems to keep the world tuned in buying into her fame. She’s winning me over and I’ve never been more curious about what’s next for Kim.

Tell me your thoughts!

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