JULY 23-27, 2018

Dear Parent,

What do you want most for your teenager? Is it to get good grades? Maybe you want them to discover and develop their talents?

Hello, my name is David T. Fagan. I am a father of eight kids with the three oldest being teenagers, and I have determined that what I want most for all my kids is for them to become 100% self reliant.

Meaning, I want them to be able to provide for themselves, create profitable opportunities for themselves, and make priceless memories that they can treasure for a lifetime. And, although the first priority is self reliance, the second priority is almost equally as important to me. I want my children to reach their full potential.

Think about that. What would it feel like to know you helped your child become their best and most profitable self? What kind of joy might be realized for your family if your child experienced all their talents at the highest levels and developed new talents they never knew they were capable of?

With eight kids, I really see how different they each are. All our kids are actually very different even though they may share certain similarities. They have potential for sure, don’t they?! It isn’t even really a question of whether or not they have potential; rather, in what aspects of life and in what industries do they have the most potential are the real questions.

Fagan Family

But here is an even more important question. For me, this was as much an answer as it was a question. It was a break through and epiphany that changed my life and my kids’ lives forever. Here it is:

“Does my child’s current education live up to my child’s full potential?”

This led me to wonder, “Are the schools, teachers, and coaches giving my children everything they need to transform their talents into profitable careers and businesses?”

These have become all too common questions that almost always end with failing answers.

It was from this government and public failure that the Icon Academy was created. This alternative learning institution was built to teach teens how to monetize their talents.

As the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, an author of several successful business books, recipient of multiple marketing awards, facilitator of many young entrepreneur events, owner of Icon Builder Media, a marketing and PR company based in Beverly Hills, CA, and father of eight kids becoming successful entrepreneurs, I proudly lead this Icon Academy.

Our new Summer Session is the most rewarding program you will ever witness. It puts more valuable content in a week of training than most colleges do in a whole 4 year degree.


Checkout the topics and the agenda…

– Marketing
– Sales
– Business Development
– Publicity


– List Building
– Social Media
– Automated Marketing
– Direct Mail
– Video Marketing
– Mobile Marketing
– Copy writing
– Design


Agendas vary year-to-year. A new agenda is in the works, but past agendas have included things like:
– Branding and Experience Marketing
– How to build a movement of Fans and Buyers
– Fan Funnels
– How to Inspire Action in Every Audience
– Images, Layout, Colors, and Design
– Copywriting that converts
– Speaking, Communicating

– Image and Media
– Clothes, Fashion
– Picture posing
– Video shooting
– Green Screen techniques
– How to shoot with no editing
– Applying Day 1 to Day 2

– Websites that work
– Landing Pages/Squeeze Pages
– Design
– WordPress
– Opt ins
– Web forms
– Applying day 1 and 2

– Social Media Mining
– Ads/Posters
– List Building
– Focus Groups
– Publicity Events
– Pitching the Media
– Joint Venturing

– Affiliates
– Media coaching
– Interviews
– Writing Proposals
– EMK (electronic media kit)
– Bio writing
– Booking speaking and performing gigs
– Hiring
– Outsourcing
– Team Building
– Networking
– Graduation Ceremonies and….


By completion of the advanced course of studies, your teenager should be able to do things like:
– Launch their own business
– Create expert sales and marketing campaigns
– Pitch the media
– Know what it takes to build a good website and build a list of fans
through social media
– Get hired and make money providing marketing services for their own
– Market themselves and their talents both online and offline
– Run photo and video shoots
– Write sales copy and compelling video scripts
– Hire and outsource various business building services as needed
– Better understand what their full potential really is

You will get:
– Personal pictures from a photo shoot
– Personal videos from a video shoot
– An EMK of your very own

Adult team leaders and academy counselors supervise this hotel night and day!!! As a parent myself, my wife and I take you child’s safety very seriously, and it is our top priority.

Best Wishes,